Where would you like to use Coinbot?

Getting Coinbot on Slack

Add Coinbot on Slack using this link. The link should take you to a login screen on Slack's website.

Authorize Coinbot by logging into yor Slack account on the Organization you would like to add Coinbot to.

Note: You must be an admin on the Slack organization to add Coinbot.

Adding Coinbot to a Slack Channel

Once Coinbot is added to the Slack Organization you can add him to any channel by @-mentioning Coinbot in the channel and selecting 'Add to Channel'.

Note: You Slack user account must have the correct privledges to add an app to a channel.

Step One

@-mention Coinbot in a new Channel.

Step Two

Select 'Invite Them'.

Step Three

Coinbot is now in that specific Slack Channel.

Getting Coinbot on Facebook

Step One

To message Coinbot on Facebook or Facebook Messenger, go here. Once on Coinbot's Facebook page, select "Send Message"

Step Two

Now you can message Coinbot on Facebook! To see a list of commands, go here.

Note: Facebook does not currently support group chat with bots.

Getting Coinbot on Facebook Messenger

You can message Coinbot on Facebook messenger by going here.

Or you can search for Coinbot by his name: AskCoinbot

Note: You must be signed into Facebook Messenger to message Coinbot on Facebook.

Getting Coinbot on Telegram

You can message Coinbot on Telegram by going here.

Or you can search Coinbot's Telegram handle: @HelloCoinbot

Add Coinbot to a Telegram Group

Note: Make sure you have the correct group privledges to add bots to yoru Telegram Channel.

Step One

Create a new Telegram Group.

Step Two

Search 'HelloCoinbot' in Telegram.

Step Three

Select Coinbot from the list.

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Using Coinbot