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Market Glance

See the big picture in once place.

Coin prices are differenct across various exchanges.
Now you will always know your numbers.

Say 'price btc' to Coinbot directly, or in a group chat with with Coinbot, to see the price of a coin across multiple exchanges.

Quick Prices

Just say 'btc to usd'

And Coinbot will tell you the realtime price of Bitcoin in US dollars instantly:

1 (BTC) is   (USD)

You can use hundreds of fiat and crypto curency symbols, such as:

  • ETH for Ethereum
  • LTC for LiteCoin
  • CNY for Chinese Yuan.


Quickly see multiples or fractions of a coin.

How much USD is 0.0923 Bitcoin? Easy.

How about 37.023 Litecoin? Done.

Coinbot will calculate what you need to know on the fly in both group chats and private messages. Simple.

In a direct message with Coinbot or in a group chat that Coinbot is a part of, say '3 ltc to usd'.

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The Team

James Calhoun

CEO / Co-Founder

Max Plisskin

CTO / Co-Founder

Alex Simpson

Business Development


Ira Herman

Co-Founder Coinbot

Angel Jose

Blockchain, Chatbot Expert


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